Revealing patterns at a neighbourhood level

R3intelligence's business rates data model has the GIS mapping capacity to represent changes (2010 to 2017) in rateable values and stock for all business premises in England and Wales .

The data model is capable of fine-grained analysis down to postcode level, revealing detailed patterns of change or stability at a local scale. It can also highlight changes in business types, value, location, floorspace and vacancy rates.

This could be of use to anyone interested in identifying drivers of change, understanding spatial variations, and explaining trends.

Bespoke maps and accompanying data tables can be made available on request, e.g. for use by Neighbourhood Planning Groups (see the map below created for use by a group in West Dorset). R3intelligence can also help to interpret your local data within the national context. Please contact us for more information.

It should be noted that large changes in value may be attributable to the construction of large, highly-valued retail units and may be exaggerated in areas with lower total stock of commercial property or because of boundary issues.

Change in Aggregate Rateable Value for Retail Hereditaments 2010-2107

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