R3 Intelligence dedicates to supplying you with high quality impartial commercial real estate research and advice. Our multidisciplinary team offers services and expertise for investors, landlords, businesses and organisations who want to understand how commercial real estate can work more efficiently for them.  We are a team of industry specialists and academics based at a UK university offering retail consultancy and contract research.

Our ethos builds upon the following three principles:

Right space | Right place | Right time

Hence R3

We offer you:

  • Commercial Real Estate Exploitation Strategies
  • Commercial Property Market Intelligence
  • Real Estate Data Integration
  • Spatial Analysis and Modelling

You can access data and experience to provide evidence and advice in the following areas:

  • Physical appraisal and value engineering about the refurbishment, repositioning and conversion into alternative use of commercial real estate assets
  • Commercial real estate asset stock picking
  • Surplus retail floor space planning
  • Empty property rates strategies
  • Employment land and premises assessments
  • Land and property use planning
  • Economic development and inward investment strategies
  • Monitoring and simulation of contemporary methods of urban finance such as Business Rates Retention, Tax Increment Financing, Enterprise Zones, Accelerated Development Zones and Business Improvement Districts

Our Approach

Smart landlords, investors and cities need to make the best use of existing commercial property and plan new development accordingly. How we use, maintain, and adapt our existing commercial features to satisfy our appetite for new ways of working, could define the cities of the future. We have the skills and experience to monitor the performance of commercial real estate and direct its potential improvement!

Our resources can be used to create up to date employment premises assessments which go beyond the traditional Employment Land Assessments periodically carried out by local authorities. Our model can be used to inform land use, intervention and change in use assessments. We can monitor and simulate the impacts of Tax Increment Finance (The General Model and New Development Deal Model), Enterprise Zones and other retained business rate models such as Business Improvement Districts.